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RRWH.com provides a shared hosting service for your Personal, Business or E-Commerce website.  
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Company Information

RRWH was set up primarly for the purpose of Hosting several personal sites.  In our search for a reliable hosting company, that provided all the features we were after, we had little to no luck.  So, we went out and found the best suppliers and put together our own hosting packages to suit our needs.  Rather than keep this to ourselves we have extended the offer, of reliable and feature rich web hosting packages to suit most small to medium websites, at prices you can afford!.

With all of our plans we Guarantee that the disk space and data transfer will be available - we do not oversell any resources.

Our aims are to provide reliable hosting that meet your current needs, with a path for future growth of your online presence.  Our plans are ideal for your first website.  We provide services to the Self-Employed, Small Businesses and Individuals who want more than your ISP offers.

We have been involved in the Internet, as an Internet Provider since 1995, and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to RRWH

Terms of Service

RRWH agree to provide paying customers with services according to the Terms of Service listed below.  We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time and we recommend that you check and reveiw these terms periodically.
  1. Usage of RRWH Services constitutes acceptance and agreement to these terms of service.
  2. All of the Terms are subject to change and all hosting plans or any services are subject to these terms of service.
  3. All Services provided by RRWH are to be used for Lawful purposes only.  Webpages or websites related to any form of illegal activity are strictly prohibited.  (In violation of any United States Federal, State, or City Law, or Any Australian Federal Law) If websites related to illegal activities are places in allocated hosting webspace, hosting accounts and/or any other Internet services may be terminated without notice.  Where service is terminated under this clause, no refund will be given.
  4. Personal or identifying information you supplied to RRWH will never be given or sold to any third party, with the exception of a Legal Authority when it is requested in writing.
  5. All RRWH Customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless RRWH from any claims which damages the Customer or any other party.
  6. RRWH reserves the right to spotlight any customers website or web pages on the RRWH hosting website.
  7. RRWH offers a 14 day No questions asked, money Back Guarantee: The customer can cancel a hosting account within the first 14 days by applying in writing. Any refunds may take up to 30 days to process.  This guarantee applies only to hosting accounts and not to any other services such as domain name registration.
  8. All Hosting Plans are paid for in advance.  If at any time an account is not paid for, we reserve the right to deny the customer access to our services until payment is received.  An invoice will automatically be sent out via email before your account expires.
  9. Any Billing disputes must be made within 7 days of an invoice being issued, or the invoiced amount is due by due date on the issued invoice.
  10. DNS updates may take 2-3 days to complete and a further 1-2 days to become world visible.
  11. Customer Support is provided free of charge for all customers who operate within these Terms of Service.  Where a customer is operating outside of these terms, RRWH may, at our descretion, make charges for any work carried out.
  12. Customer support covers all aspects of using the provided tools for your website, and does not include support on creating webpages, scripting or programming of your website.  We may offer such support at our discretion, but it is not guaranteed.
  13. RRWH is not responsible for making a backup of any Customer data.  All Customers should make a regular backup of their website and any Databases.
  14. The Service provided by RRWH may be cancelled by the customer at any time without cause. All notices of cancellation must be made in writing.  RRWH, may at their discretion offer a 50% refund of any unused full months of hosting plans where a customer has paid for a year in advance.
  15. If any customer of RRWH changes DNS setting of their domains from the RRWH hosting servers, RRWH reserves the right to terminate that users services without refund.
  16. Sites that provide pornographic, Illegal Software (warez), IRC related (including IRC Bots) or Spam advertised sites, or links to sites that provide such content are subject to termination without notice or refund.
  17. If RRWH receives notice of Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM) coming from a customers domain, the customers services can and will be terminated without notice or further warning, without refund.
  18. If you are in doubt regarding your content meeting these Terms and Conditions, please ask before uploading the content to your site.
  19. This is a shared hosting environment and any site that uses an abnormal amount of system resources, may be temporarly or permanently suspended whilst RRWH diagnoses the problem.  No refunds are given in this case.
  20. The liability of RRWH on any customers account is strictly limited to the amount of money the customer has paid to RRWH.
  21. If any customer incurs legal expenses upon RRWH, we reserve the right to recover these expenses from the customer.
  22. If any customers activity causes legal action to be taken against RRWH (ie suing etc), the customer will pay any damages awarded against RRWH, as well as all other legal fees (ie laywers etc).

Contact Information

In order to protect ourselves from SPAM, we do not advertise any email addresses.  We have an online contact form that will email you a copy of the information you submit.  Please use the form to submit any pre-sales enquires or abuse reports.  When you sign up, we provide full contact details to all customers.

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